The Journey Begins

Welcome to Koentjoro Martial Arts!

The programs are open to all ages and gender which include weapon class, soft techniques (jo-ho), hard techniques (go-ho), self-defense and leadership program. The curriculum is designed not only based on our experiences in martial arts but also the character and Islamic values which teaches us to be humble, self-discipline and respect.

In addition, martial arts help teach socialization skills. In fact, many parents whose children have attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) report great success with these programs because self-control and concentration are exactly the skills underdeveloped in ADHD kids.


Belt Testing – 25 December 2021

It was great testing and congratulations to all of you!

The Best Form

  1. Zayan Sadique
  2. Hamza Danoesubroto
  3. Diorra Koentjoro

Green Belt

  1. Alan Lu
  2. Sa’ad Syed
  3. Wisam El Chaar
  4. Toprak Aiden Karakaya
  5. Mira Su Karakaya
  6. Mohamed Abdelhadey
  7. Abderrahim Ghalmi
  8. Bilal Qadir
  9. Vera Danoesubroto
  10. Maryam Sajad

Senior Green Belt

  1. Mohamed El Gohary
  2. Raheem Amir

Blue Belt

  1. Arhum Hussain
  2. Ibrahim Shams
  3. Ali El Gohary
  4. Omar El Gohary
  5. Azmeer Rehman

Senior Blue Belt

  1. Rehan Sadique

Brown Belt

  1. Hamza Danoesubroto

Senior Brown Belt

  1. Hassan Amir

First Degree – Level 1

  1. Mohamad Adawi
  2. Viola Wibowo

First Degree – Level 2

  1. Hassan Ahmed

Second Degree – Level 2

  1. Diorra Koentjoro

2019 – Open Martial Arts Tournament.

Waterloo, Ontario May 2019 – 42nd Annual Canadian Open Martial Arts Championships.


  1. Hassan Ahmed, first place on open form.
  2. Amar Awan, first place on open form.
  3. Daffa Gyannaufa, first place on sparring and second place on traditional form.
  4. Zayan Sadique, first place on sparring.
  5. Mariam Fahd, second place on form, third place on traditional form, and third place on sparring.
  6. Arvien Ardhana, second place on form.
  7. Hassan Amir, second place on traditional form.
  8. Hamza Sajid, second place on open form and third on traditional form.
  9. Mohamad Adawi, third place on open form.